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    Anticipate Risk. Build Resilience.

    Anticipatory Intelligence

    We provide clients with the ability to identify emerging threats and the stakeholders who are most relevant influencers as time progresses and positions coalesce. A methodology that not only allows a client to predict relevant issues, stakeholders and controversy, but also the methods that are most likely to succeed in producing the desired outcome. Ongoing monitoring isolates the one or two key activities which will impact the strategy among the vast pool of information.

    Reputation Management

    We design and manage initiatives that mitigate identified risks by leveraging information from anticipatory intelligence assessments. Develop social initiatives that help position clients as good corporate citizens while taking advantage of identified opportunities to enhance corporate reputation. Ability to respond to emerging crisis in a way that protects and enhances corporate image through thoughtful messaging, leveraging of strategic relationships and positioning.


    We develop compelling messaging that conveys company priorities in a way that is sensitive to political and other non-market factors and is targeted to relevant constituencies. Manage relationships with key media outlets and identify opportunities to highlight client priorities through earned media.

    Stakeholder Engagement

    We identify and seize on opportunities to influence changes in U.S. policy that facilitate business opportunities and position clients to play a leading role through engagement with regulators, elected officials, administration officials and key lobbies. Build and manage relationships with key actors that help enhance clients' reputation, advance business goals and facilitate policy reforms. Help clients navigate the complex sensitivities of a highly-charged and divisive issues with entrenched interests on various sides.

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